Update 1.0.1 - bugfixes

This is a small bugfix and tuning to the game, specifically:

  • Fixed blob animations (sometimes it seemed awake when in reality it was still sleeping)
  • Tuned hunger a bit, so the blob gets hungrier over time a little faster (also fixed some minor bugs)
  • Now, when taking the substances out of the container, it spawns above the container, not next to it

These bugfixes were made in a hurry, so they might not be perfect.

 I'll keep fixing bugs as I (and you) keep finding them.

A little sidenote, that many people seemed to have missed: when you want to play the game in the browser use firefox if possible and put the browser in fullscreen by hiting F11. The web export does not like chrome at the moment, and the game is not completely visible if not played in fullscreen.

Get Blob.

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