Update 1.1.0 - major gameplay polish


From now on the previous versions of the game and it's source code will be removed. If you still want to be able to download them leave a comment here, or on the game's front page and I'll make them avilable again.

In this update I reworked the substance mixer machine and did some other small but still cool stuff.
Here's the stuff that's added / changed:

  • Substances now follow the mouse smoothly EXCEPT for the web version (it caused some issues)
  • There's an in game info button now

    Press it and you get this:

    You can see the substances's recipes here
  • NEW SUBSTANCE MIXER MACHINE - I had to rework it, because it was too complicated to use. So now it's simplier and works a little differently:

    Put stuff in the 3 holes in the top part (you can take them out by clicking on them)
    Change the machine to cooling/heating by pressing the little nob
    Change the heating/cooling speed by dragging the slider
    Turn the machine on by pressing the big buton on the left
  • If you try to put substances into the machine when it's temperature exludes the limit (-200° < t < 200°) the substances will evaporate BUT it has sound and effect now :D
  • The how to play page is now an interactive slideshow and has more detailed information (also, a little errow points at the button at the beggining, cuz people don't read the instructions by themselves >:( )

These are the stuffs that I changed. If you find anything strange, or just want to give your opinion on the game, feel free to leave a comment here, or on the game's main page.

Get Blob.

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