A demon is stealing people and resources from your kingdom and your people have had enough! The only thing that connects him to this realm is in the dungeon, but it's well guarded. You must gather enough resources to assemble an army and take over the evil's layer!

This game was made for the 43rd Ludum Dare Game Jam in collaboration with KovagoD who  made the graphics and Adam_B who was in charge of the music.

Tools we used:

  • Godot engine
  • Krita
  • PaintDotNet
  • Audacity


mac.zip 28 MB
win.zip 27 MB
linux.zip 28 MB


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Hangulatos, attól az ördögtől mindig kiráz a hideg.

Love the clicker style combined with resource management.  A bit confusing to start, but I got the hang of things once I played for a bit.  I tended to use the ember sacrifice a lot as I never seemed to have enough people compared to resources or grain.