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Good prototype.

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Ludum Dare Link:

Thanks for linking it! I was tired and fordot to add it... 😅


Did you know you can add your LD48 link so we can find you on there easier?

Yeah, I just didn't sleep and was tired so I forgot about it :P

Good small game but god it needs more feedbacks


Really fun, it was simple and short but I don't think that worked against you! I liked the timing based nature of it. guarding attacks and attacking in the openings felt really solid

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I really love it. Artstyle is amazing(better than mine for shure). Had me playing for a while. The game is still one once you  get the end credits though.

I would like to have a link to the ludum dare site to rate it.

I added the link, if you're still interested :P

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had a few games, its really good imo. well done.

im not too good at it but can see myself coming back to this.

really neat way to make a game in a short time with no unnecessary gimmicks.