Tame the unstable climates of barren and inhabitable planets, then colonize them!
Get supplies (plants, building, etc.) by collecting and exchanging your new colonists for them!

How to play:
- select a planet by clicking on it
- put down plants to generate an atmosphere
- place down mountains to cool the atmosphere
- bring in machines to keep the climate in check
- spawn buildings so your colonists can arrive on the planet
- collect the colonists, so you can buy additional supplies

If you want to restart at any time, just press [R]!

Tools Used:
- Godot 3.4.4
- Photoshop

- Bugfix:

  • Temperature and atmosphere sliders can’t be moved manually anymore.
  • Atmosphere levels didn’t decreese when no flora was placed.
  • Decreased max population, because the game became unplayable laggy.
  • People didn’t dissappear when planet conditions fell below minimum requirements.
  • Grass on planets didn’t reappear when planet conditions fell below minimum and back up again.
  • Objects finally play sounds when picked up, as they should.

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
AuthorsFenderbate, KovagoD
Made withGodot, Adobe Photoshop
Tags2D, Futuristic, Ludum Dare 49, Management, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Short, Singleplayer, Space
LinksLudum Dare


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I am missing something here... You need population to build things, but you start with zero population. So how do you build anything?

I figured it out: You start with a few items to place, but you have to place them very near the outer edge of the planet.

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really cool neat little game!

I see a lot of potential, (I'm gonna go a bit ideological so ignore if you don't like that BUT) you could easily teach people on how planets are habitable for us humans and all the specific factors that go into that: atmospheric pressure, composition, greenhouse gasses,ect... If the game was ever to be expanded. Which you could also then use to showcase why climate change on our little dirtball is so important! :D

Really enjoyable, very nice graphics for such a small game and overall great, keep at it!

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A few other suggestions:

1. it would be nice to have a building that harvested the human capital (call it an office if Harvester is too dark haha). this could be slower than clicking on individuals but would keep you from having to jump back and forth as much and also would keep you from miss-clicking and removing something from the planet's surface.

2. it could be cool to have time delays on making different resources. so small plants do less Oxygen but grow faster. Mountains take a while to erect, et al...

3. ways to alter the orbit could be a fun "late game" addition!

Very fun! I could easily see this expanded and a little more polished and working as a cool mobile game! you could do all sorts of stuff like, maybe you are terraforming for multiple alien species, so you need to figure out which planet would be the easiest to meet all the conditions for each species you need to place in a solar system... some might be humans and need exactly what you have here, but others might need Argon to breathe and want a super cold planet, or a perfect mix of Zinon and Oxygen and need 95% of the surface to be water so melting the ice-caps is a good thing! (But little did you know when the ice caps melt they release methane into the atmosphere! oh no your plans are ruined!) Haha, with some more variables, and things that could alter the variables while you are trying to fix things, this could become a very nice puzzle... you might even be able to remove the timer if the puzzle became complex enough (or make a variable timer based on how long each species can last while waiting for their planet to be habitable)

Anyways, very fun little game, hope you keep working on it!

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I enjoyed it, the atmosphere is relaxing and a tiny bit ominous. I played a few times to get things right, it wasn't hard once you get the hang of things but I still had to fiddle around a little.

Only thing I was a bit disappointed about is that the planets' stats are frozen after the win, so even if I choose to look around and I plant more trees, I can't finish fixing the atmosphere 100%. Also it would be good to be able to sell structures, since mis-clicking happens. And, it would be nice to have difficulty levels where planets are harder to balance and/or timer is shorter, for replayability.

Very nice little game, I'd definitely be happy if a more fleshed out version was in the works. This concept with those mechanics is a combo with great potential, it could totally be used as the basis for a quite complex game.


Fun game to play! Nice mood and graphics.

Things to have in mind:

- clicking a bit above the planet when spawning things
- collected people are displayed in the top right corner 
- avoiding putting to many things near housing area for easier people collection
- it is easier to click people with full screen when playing the web version at least
- right click to leave the planet focus mode and e.g. pick another one

(1 edit) (+1)

I like the mechanics of the game. I think there's a lot of potential for speedruns. Somewhere, it should be described that you can right-click or esc to get out of a planet. Also, it sometimes glitches when you try to click on a planet, it picks up a person instead for some strange reason. My least favorite mechanic is having to pick up people manually, maybe when a planet reaches population cap the people get harvested automatically.

Despite these minor suggestions I made, I want to stress that I really like the core concept of balancing O2 and heat and I love the added twist of elliptical planetary orbits to make the heat balancing more difficult.


I like this game and all but is there a way to exit out of a planet and go to another one?

(1 edit) (+1)

right-click out of the planet


thank you

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reall good game!!!


Enjoyed the concept. Would love to see some procedural level generation for additional solar system to play with. Resource mechanic is a bit unnerving though. Puts a really dark spin on the term 'human resources' xD




such a cool idea this game makes me happy


I really liked the game, fun and fast to play it in a while


A very enjoyable game with a good sound track. I love to see good Linux support and people using Godot!


I had a great time with this! Optimizing each planet was a good challenge. I love that temperatures have to be considered in mind with the planet’s orbit around the sun, great consideration and adds a bit of depth to the game! 

I think the only issue I ran into was that the music audio was a bit too low.

Overall, it was a very fun time! Great job on this!