If you want to play in the browser, do it with Firefox!

The order of the Oruroboros is recruiting agile warriors and you're the [NEXT] candidate. Survive every attack that is thrown at you and become one of the order's warriors.

PLAY IN FIREFOX OR DOWNLOAD INSTEAD IF YOU CAN!! The web version of the game doesn't like chrome too much.

Known bugs:

  • IF the the next attack doesn't come, restart the game.
  • Sometimes the tail sweep sound effect starts and nothing happens, just restart the game.
  • Web based version has some freezes which I have no control over.

If you have any opinion or suggestion, be sure to share them in the comments below! I didn't have much time to test it, so say anything that's on your mind :D


linux.zip 13 MB
mac.zip 22 MB
win.zip 12 MB

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